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Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver great HR support no matter where they are based.

ConsulticianHR are experts when it comes to UK employment law, but that doesn’t mean that our services are limited to UK businesses. We support clients from all around the world in setting up their UK operations, ensuring a high standard of service and full compliance with their legal obligations.

However, it’s not just compliance that we can guarantee. We provide a wide range of business HR and employment services that will help you to establish your overseas operations with ease:






















Whether you are setting up in the UK for the first time and need a trusted consultancy to smooth the transition or if you have an existing UK operation that requires a hands-on approach to HR and compliance, we can help. Contact us via the link below.

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Fixed Fee Recruitment

We can manage your recruitment process. From drafting the job description through to delivering job offers, we will source the best talent the UK has to offer for your business.

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We use HMRC-recognised software to run your payroll and pay your staff correctly and on time every month, with no need for international transfers or currency exchange.

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Retained HR service

We will assign you with a dedicated HR consultant, who will work with you to develop an understanding of your business and assist you with any employment law issues.

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