Business Services

ConsulticianHR supports clients with their strategy implementation. We can help you to align your organisation’s strategies, employees, processes and systems (information technology) to deliver operational effectiveness.

Business Transformation

  1. Our business transformation service dramatically enhances strategy implementation, delivers consistent performance improvement and creates a culture of shared purpose. We can help to transform or “maximise” your business and create a culture of performance by aligning your vison, strategies, employees, processes and IT to the changing needs of your customers so that you can deliver world class customer service. Here are 7 questions we like to ask:


  • Do all your employees understand your company’s vision and strategies?

  • Do all your processes/IT meet the needs of your internal and external customers?

  • Do all your employees work together with shared purpose?

  • Is your company’s strategy translated into performance objectives your employees are rewarded to do?

  • Do all your processes and IT systems deliver what your customers really want?

  • Are your employees trained in the behaviours necessary to deliver the above?

  • Do all parts of your company work together in an interrelated, easily comprehensive, model? 

Change Management

To compete and outperform competitors companies need to be agile. Agile companies can deliver strategy faster, with more flexibility and adaptability, to short-term urgencies and long-term trends.


To succeed and remain agile in today’s digital world, companies must manage a broad set of management, leadership, culture and development components. They must both manage specific change projects now while simultaneously building the ability to manage longer term, future, change. 

Management Control Systems

ConsulticianHR helps companies to implement digital balanced scorecard style management control systems that gathers and uses information key to your business and that translates your strategies into objectives that drive both operational performance and employee behaviours.


Our approach consists of four elements (forecast, plan, implement and report) and translates business strategies into financial, customer, employee, process and Information Technology objectives at all hierarchical levels, on one dashboard, that gives a picture of how your company (or department or team) is performing.


When combined with leadership and communication this helps to obtain breakthrough results of sustained performance, loyal customers and a high performing work force.

Operations Review & Pocess Improvement 


ConsulticianHR offers a strategic and operations review service where we gain a full understanding of your organisation, your people, your strategies and the opportunities and challenges you face in reaching your goals. We then determine the optimum performance, competencies, processes and IT needed to reach these goals. Our purpose is to drive operational and financial results through process improvement.


We review your work processes to see how well they contribute to the achievement of your vison and strategies. What improvements, or (digital) redesign, of these processes are required to ensure they meet your customers requirements or create synergies among processes that cut across company boundaries and all supply chain partners?

Consistent Service Standards

For ConsulticianHR there are three Cs of customer satisfaction: consistency, consistency, consistency. Consistency is the secret ingredient to making customers happy. It's exceptionally powerful, especially at a time when channels to market are proliferating and consumer choice and empowerment are increasing. 

Getting consistency right requires the attention of top leadership. That’s because by using a variety of channels and triggering more and more interactions with companies as they seek to meet their needs, customers create clusters of interactions (the customer journey) that make their individual interactions less important than their cumulative experience.


It’s not enough to make customers happy with each individual interaction. Effective customer journeys are very important. Measuring satisfaction on customer journeys is 30% more predictive of overall customer satisfaction than measuring happiness for each individual interaction. Maximising satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential not only to increase customer satisfaction by 20% but also to lift revenue by up to 15% while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.

Face-To-Face or Online Executive Coaching

Through 1:1 coaching, we enable executives and professionals at all levels to develop their leadership and business development capabilities, to plan and take career decisions, to balance the demands of work and personal life and to prepare for specific meetings and communication challenges.

We can help make sure that technical experts are equipped with the non-technical skills and awareness they need to succeed individually and to contribute fully to the success of their teams and departments.


Winning, indeed surviving, in the global marketplace requires a competitive edge, sharply honed and clearly focused. ConsulticianHR coaches executives to deliver business results and break through to new levels of personal leadership. With its philosophy of action learning, our coaching affords the opportunity to experiment with innovative approaches in the global business environment, functional excellence, leadership, influence, strategic thinking, change management, individual development and action planning. Our approach places emphasis on experiential learning, that includes, 1:1 coaching, detailed 360° feedback with input from your peers, supervisors and/or direct reports.

We all know the familiar nostrums - empowerment, networking and lifetime learning while many companies still recruit first class people only to constrain them with a highly authoritarian structure. This won’t work in future. Companies must unleash the potential of employees. One of the ways is to unleash this potential is through effective coaching and mentoring. Leaders and managers must become connoisseurs of developing talent. No manager can do everything alone. It’s the people they choose that ultimately create long-term success and coaching is a means to ensure business survival.

Face-To-Face or Online Behavioural Training

With the business environment is growing more regulated and complex, it’s no longer safe to assume that individual, departmental or performance problems can be corrected simply by strategy and process alignment alone. The obstacle may be an unnoticed bottleneck in company communications, ineffective management behaviours or an environment that inhibits motivation, or any of many other diverse but interrelated factors.


We offer aligned and bespoke training programmes to focus on your company’s business needs and remove gaps in competence. Is there a lack of competence in the way you formulate and communicate business strategy? Do you create and sustain a successful working environment? Do you  know how to develop and sustain a climate that attracts, retains and develops people according to business need?


ConsulticianHR designs and delivers training (and coaching) using a phased training approach. Our training helps employees to proactively control their environment rather than being controlled by it. We demonstrate what 'leader-managers' must do to proactively control all situations at work to ensure positive results and motivate all those involved. Our training usually features intensive one or two-day workshops with project work between sessions. This facilitates personal application of the training concepts in the workplace. One-to-one goal-setting and coaching sessions before, during and/or after each program also feature.